Bethlehem Burners Sponsoring Glassroots Functional Art Show 2019

Bethlehem Burners is proudly sponsoring this year's Glassroots Functional Glass Art Show 2019, running from October 7-9 in Asheville, NC. Learn what we'll be doing at the event. Read More

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Flameworking Event Sponsorships: August – September

Bethlehem Burners has some exciting months ahead as we are set to sponsor these incredible flameworking events. Read More

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Bethlehem Burner’s Shipping Policy Update

Bethlehem Burners now requires a signature for all torch order deliveries over $1,000 when shipping to a residence. Learn more about the change in policy. Read More

May Sponsorships 2019 Featured Image (Gila Classic Logo)

Bethlehem Burners May 2019 Event Sponsorships

Our torches are going to be pretty busy this month as we sponsor four different events held throughout North America and Europe. Read More

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Bethlehem Burners is Sponsoring The Molten Experience 2019

Bethlehem Burners is proudly sponsoring this year's Molten Experience, being held from May 3rd - May 6th. Read More

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Glass Craft & Bead Expo – ISGB Gathering Classroom Sponsorships 2019

Bethlehem Burners is thrilled to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada, for this year's Glass Craft & Bead Expo and ISGB Gathering, being held from April 3rd-7th. Read More

The Champion Sharp Flame Torch from Bethlehem Burners

Champion Sharp Flame Makes Debut at Glass Vegas 2019

Explore the Champion Sharp Flame, which will make its debut during Glass Vegas Learn which artists will be demonstrating at the event. Read More

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A Manufacturer You Can Trust: A Lampworking Torch Buyer’s Guide Part 3

If you can’t trust who you’re buying a torch from, you probably shouldn’t be buying it. Read the latest installment of the Lampworking Torch Buyer’s Guide to understand the best places to buy ... Read More

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Buying a Used Torch: A Lampworking Torch Buyer’s Guide Part 2

In this section of our Torch Buyer’s Guide, you’ll learn if buying a used torch is going to save you cold hard cash or set you back in the long run. Read More

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Lampworking Torch Buyer’s Guide: Buying the Torch of Your Dreams

This is our ultimate guide to buying a lampworking torch, we’ll cover everything from buying new, used and the necessary accessories you need to get started. Read More