Why Choose A Bethlehem?

Bathe Your Glass in Our Whisper-soft, Penetrating Flame!

Bethlehem is pleased to announce the arrival of a new generation of surface-mix burners. These new burners are constructed entirely of stainless steel, keeping the burner body cool with no need to water-cool when using high heat flames.

The torches are equipped with modular valves with precision needles making fuel adjustment smooth and precise. With the low pressure design and reconfigured front face, the artist will experience a flame that combusts at the face of their art work, wrapping their glass in a penetrating heat at a far better fuel ratio then ever experienced before.

Superior design, durability, and complete combustion make Bethlehem Burners the highest quality torch manufacturer on the market today.

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“The unique flame quality. I’m not sure what the technical differences are, but the flame has a very soft even quality that seems dramatically different then what I got from GTT and Nortel. You kind of have to see it to understand. It kind of wraps around the glass and seems to very efficiently transfer the heat into it. Almost like the glass is in an oven instead of on a burner”

– Erik King –

Efficient, Effective & Easy to Use

Many burners and torches use high pressures which waste fuel and blow the heat past the glass. Bethlehem burners mix fuels efficiently at a lower pressure, bathing your work in a penetrating flame. You’ll save money on fuel with our torches, and you will actually be able to talk and listen to music while enjoying our whisper-soft flame.

Bethlehem Burners will help you maximize the multiple color effects of borosilicate glass. Our torches are unsurpassed in developing borosilicate’s special effects. Whether you need a flame with pinpoint precision, or a soft, bushy flame, you’ll have it all with Bethlehem Burners.

Safety Information

  • Always melt glass on a fireproof surface
  • Clamp your torch to your work surface
  • Have a fire extinguisher handy
  • Wear eye protection at all times
  • Use heavy-duty hoses appropriate for your torch
  • Use hose clamps and tighten them regularly
  • Make sure your regulators are working properly
  • Use flashback arrestors with pre-mixed torches
  • Chain your oxygen tanks to avoid accidents
  • Keep grease and oil away from your oxygen fittings
  • Test for leaks using soapy water. If you have bubbles, tighten your connections
  • Always use adequate ventilation when working hot glassgenerator has a pressure delivery of less than 10 psi, it will not deliver the full cubic feet per hour needed for a full flame).

Surface Mix Burners Fuel Consumption Rates

Below is fuel consumption data for various Bethlehem burners and torches. In this comparison, all burners were set at the maximum flame setting yielding the hottest flame without distorting the “solid blue Bethlehem flame.”

Numbers are expressed in cubic feet per hour (cu. ft./hr.). All tests were done with propane gas regulated at approximately five pounds per square inch (psi). Oxygen was delivered from a compressed gas cylinder using a regulator set for approximately 20 psi.

Burner flames used for soft glass will not require as much heat as a flame to heat hard, borosilicate glass (boro). All Bethlehem burners can work with both soft and boro glass.

Burners attached to an oxygen generator may not perform as efficiently as burners using compressed gas. Oxygen generators may not be able to deliver the volume of oxygen needed for full flame settings (i.e., if your oxygen generator has a pressure delivery of less than 10 psi, it will not deliver the full cubic feet per hour needed for a full flame).

Bethlehem Model Gas cu. ft./hr. (l/hr) Oxygen cu. ft./hr. (l/hr)
Alpha 7 (198) 27 (765)
Bravo 15 (425) 66 (1867)
Champion 24.96 (706.8) 88.13 (2496)