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  • Alpha right


    NOW AVAILABLE! The low-pressure, stainless steel, Alpha Glass Working Torch. The Alpha is an excellent entry level burner, and perfect for glass bead artists. The Alpha delivers more flow at a low gas pressure producing the ideal glass working flame. Affordable and convenient, the Alpha is the only torch on the market today designed with your needs in mind.

  • Bethlehem Star Torch Right Facing View


    Want to make BIGGER beads, marbles, and sculptures but don’t want to buy another oxygen concentrator? Then the Star Burner is Perfect for you!

  • Sharp Flame Hand Torch

    The Sharp Flame Hand Torch

    INTRODUCING The New Sharp Flame Hand Torch! This hand torch was designed specifically to mimic the popular center fire flame of our discontinued PM2D bench burner. This stainless steel hand torch produces an adjustable surface mix gas and oxygen flame, perfect for flame workers looking for precise heat application, and sophisticated fuel mixture capabilities. This flame is gentle to glass, yet provides a significant amount of heat for fast and even melting.

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  • The STACKS right

    The STACKS

    Bethlehem Burners is proud to announce the release of our very first mid-range/mid-priced bench burner! The torch can be purchased as a whole or in stages. This is the perfect torch for someone new to flame working and needing a reasonably priced torch or for someone needing a little extra firepower on their bench, but not looking to spend an arm and a leg to get it.

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  • Bravo right


    Our low-pressure, stainless steel Bravo lampworking torch was designed specifically with the needs of the artistic flameworker in mind. A dual-purpose torch, it will work easily with both soft and borosilicate glass. Bethlehem's Bravo is one of the hottest new torches on the market today!

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  • Bravo Sharp Flame

    This stainless steel, surface mix Bravo Sharp Flame glassworking torch was created for glass artists in search of an artistic style burner that’s durable and user friendly.

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  • Champion Torch right side


    NOW AVAILABLE The Champion Torch! The Champion is our most technologically advanced, versatile burner to date, and is a new, improved stainless steel alternative to our fan-favored PM2D. Newly engineered for a low-pressure, high heat performance, the Champion has the most efficient large flame on the market today.

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  • Champion Sharp Flame right

    Champion Sharp Flame

    The centerfire of the Champion Sharp Flame provides flame workers with sharper and more driving centerfire flame settings, the same flame settings found on Bethlehem Burners Sharp Flame Hand Torch and the top mount of Bethlehem Burners STACKS Torch.

  • Swivel base front view

    Torch Swivel Base

    Our new torch swivel bases allows the flame worker to change the direction their torch faces without having to unhook the base from their bench.

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  • Hose Barb Set

    Hose Barb Set

    The Bethlehem Burners Hose Barb Set converts 1/4" B-fitting connections into 1/4" hose barbs.

  • torch face pendant bravo and champion

    LIMITED EDITION Torch Face Pendant

    Our LIMITED EDITION Bethlehem Burners Torch Face Pendants are constructed out of the same material we use to make our torches: 303 Stainless Steel. Each pendant comes with a certificate of authentication and includes a three digit serial number on the back.

  • Bravo Hose and Y Connector Set

    Universal Hose and Y Connector Set

    The Universal Hose and Y Connector Set consists of 2 18” long, 1/4” T-grade, oxygen welding hoses and 2 18” long, 1/4” T-grade, gas welding hoses and 1 brass oxygen Y connector and 1 brass gas Y connector. Each hose has female brass B-fittings crimped onto each end and each hose comes with 1 male B-fitting union.