Bravo Sharp Flame

Glass Working Torch

The Bravo Sharp Flame is the latest Bethlehem Burners torch to include our new Sharp Flame centerfire design! This stainless steel, surface mix, glass working torch was designed for glass artists looking for an artistic style burner that’s also durable and user friendly. From the sharp flame centerfire to the infinite mid-flame range of the outer fire, the Bravo Sharp Flame produces every flame setting and fuel-mixture ratio a glass artist could wish for.

Limited Release

Given the complexity of this torch, the Bravo Sharp Flame is currently being sold in limited quantities via our website and through distributors.


Purchase includes Torch Cleaning Kit
Prices subject to change without notice
Hose set and connector set sold separately


Burner configuration: Center Fire: 6 – gas jets (Sharp Flame Design)
Outer Fire: 12 – gas jets, 36 – oxy ports
Face Dia. – 1″
Full flame consumption: Propane Gas: 2 – 5 psi; 6 LPM (360 LPH, 12.71 cu ft/h)
Tanked Oxygen: 8 – 20 psi; 30 LPM (1,800 LPH, 63.57 cu ft/h)
Works: 30mm Boro Rod
42mm Heavy Walled Tube
Dimensions: Base: 7″ x 7″
Height: 6.5″
Barrel Length: 6″
Net Weight:  5 lbs.

Product Info

Due to the port configuration, the Bravo Sharp Flame is capable of emitting a wide range of flame widths, ranging from a pinpoint to a large encompassing flame. This allows glassworkers to experience precise heat application for fine detailed work while still driving heat for maximum penetration in order to form seals in hard to reach areas.

All Bravo Sharp Flame torches come equipped with the new Bethlehem swivel base along with our modular, stainless-steel, precision needle valves.
Purchase the Bravo Sharp Flame Torch on our website or through your local distributor.

The Bravo Sharp Flame Torch comes with:

  • Lifetime Factory Warranty
  • Instructions
  • Bethlehem Burners Cleaning Kit
  • Swivel Base with Scroll Pedestal