Bethlehem Burners is Sponsoring The Molten Experience 2019

Bethlehem Burners is sponsoring this year’s Whistler Molten Experience, running from May 3rd – 6th in Squamish, Canada. We will be donating two Bravo torches, which will be available for use throughout the event and then raffled off for charity.

Donation of Two Bravo Torches

Bravo Torch

Bethlehem Burners has been a sponsor of The Molten Experience for the past four years, now. This year, we will be donating two Bravo torches, which will be set up for participants to try out during the event. Many of the boro and specialty glass artists take advantage of the demonstration station to showcase their talent.

On the final day of the event, the torches will be raffled off to two lucky attendees. The proceeds for the 2019 raffle/silent auction will go towards helping to build homes and schools for orphans in the hills of Thailand through the ministrations of Alexx Chang of Hell Fire Studios.

“Bethlehem’s torches play a large part in the success for these charities, not to mention the recipient of the torch is crazy excited to be the winner of such a magnificent piece of glass torching machinery,” said Andrea Symons of Molten Experience. “Last year, Ikuyo Yamniaka won a torch from Bethlehem, but sadly we missed filming her reaction – it would have been worthy of an award-winning YouTube video!”

About The Molten Experience

The Whistler Molten Experience provides a chance for glass artists to escape their day-to-day lives to meet and watch other featured artists demonstrate their skills and techniques. Speakers and experts from all aspects of the field will be in attendance to discuss different soda glass, boro, fusing and metal integrations with like-minded individuals.

There are also two evening Flame Off competitions, where 10 participants per evening have 45 minutes to create their work of art, which is then live auctioned during the creation period. When the buzzer sounds, the best bid wins the piece with the proceeds going to charity. The pieces are displayed throughout the event, touting the talents of the competitors.

Andrea Symons of Molten Experience on Bethlehem Burners

“The thing we love most about Bethlehem torches is the consistency of flame control. In the Molten Studio, we have an ancient Bethlehem Minnow torch, which has the sweetest and straightest flame we’ve seen. We now note the Bethlehem STACKS upper torch has the same sharp flame, which can bush out for reduction, as easily as the Bravo. The Bravo, being a very mighty but versatile torch, is exceptional for Soft and Boro glass, equally. One can minimize or maximize the flame and heat as needed, with very little effort. We love the Bravo, and we love Bethlehem.”

The Molten Experience 2019