Fuel Your Flameworking Fire with our 2020 Holiday Deals

Let’s be honest — 2020 wasn’t the best. Before we kiss this chaotic year goodbye, Bethlehem Burners has some rather hot Cyber Monday deals that are sure to fan your flameworking fire! End 2020 on a high note and check out how you can save with Bethlehem Burners starting November 23rd, through December 6th.

sharp flame hand torch red and white

The Sharp Flame Hand Torch

With the 7” Neck

What makes the Sharp Flame Hand Torch so special? Well, besides being 20% off, saving you $63.00 this holiday season, the Sharp Flame perfectly pairs sophistication and convenience into one hand-held torch. With the ability to produce a well-balanced yet penetrating flame, this torch is ideal for artists who work with sensitive colors and complex intricate details. There’s no better time to diversify your torch toolkit, shop the Sharp Flame Hand Torch today, and use the code sharpholiday20 at checkout.

The Grand

Featuring Bethlehem Burner’s Original Base

As regal as it sounds, the Bethlehem Burners Grand bench burner is a stainless steel, surface mixed torch with three separately controlled rings, perfect for the well-rounded glassworker. Producing whisper soft flames that gently bathe glass with seamlessly even heat, glass artists can experience unmatched flame precision, heat potential and fuel mixture ratios. At 20% off, you’ll save $585.00 — with only 15 in stock, you don’t want to wait. Get the Grand now, and use the code grandholiday20 at checkout.

20% Off Bethlehem Burners Hoodies

Ugly Christmas Sweater Who? There’s nothing better than bundling up with a Burners’ Hoodie for the holiday season — well, maybe getting matching one’s for your whole family (or pets…we won’t judge). Sip hot cocoa in style and receive 20% off our glassworking hoodies, with limited stock, you won’t want to miss this! Use the code hoodieholiday20 at checkout.