The New Bravo Sharp Flame Glassworking Torch by Bethlehem Burners

Bethlehem Burners is pleased to announce the launch of our newest Bravo glassworking torch, the Bravo Sharp Flame available for purchase starting October 22nd. Although it may look like our original Bravo on the outside, inside this glassworking torch is Bethlehem Burners’ robust Sharp Flame center fire design, ideal for working large diameter glass rods and tubing!

The Sharp Flame Difference

Bravo Sharp Flame side
This stainless steel, surface mix glassworking torch was created for glass artists in search of an artistic style burner that’s durable and user friendly. The Sharp Flame centerfire can be manipulated into a tight pinpoint or sharpened into a long, driving needle, allowing flameworkers to produce fiercely powerful flames. Combined with the infinite mid-flame range of the outer fire capable of producing 575 BTU’s per minute, we’ve successfully designed the Bravo Sharp Flame to produce every setting and fuel-mixture ratio a glass artist could wish for.

With a face diameter of 1”, the Bravo Sharp Flame has a burner configuration of six centerfire ports and 12 outer fire ports, and is capable of working glass rods up to 30mm and glass tubes 42mm and larger. Due to the port configuration, the Bravo Sharp Flame is capable of emitting a wide range of flame widths, ranging from a pinpoint to a large encompassing flame. This allows glassworkers to experience precise heat application for fine detailed work while still driving heat for maximum penetration in order to form seals in hard to reach areas. At full flame consumption, the torch consumes 12.7 cubic feet of gas per hour at 5 psi, and 63.57 cubic feet of oxygen per hour at 20 psi.

Additional Features

Along with all of the standard features and guarantees you’ve come to expect from a Bethlehem torch, the Bravo Sharp Flame is equipped with a new feature for enhanced versatility. Coming mounted on the new Bethlehem swivel base, you can securely attach your new Bravo glassworking torch to your workstation while maintaining 360-degrees of accessibility in all directions by simply loosening a lever.

Bravo Sharp Flame backAll Bethlehem Burners torches are equipped with our Modular, stainless-steel, precision needle valves. The increased width and sharp angles on the valve pin are unique to Bethlehem Burners and provide flame workers with the most precise fuel-flow control available today. These precision needle valves let the artist drastically change the flame’s temperature, width, and fuel mixture ratio, all without the need for additional equipment or extra valves.

Given the complexity of this new torch, the Bravo Sharp Flame will be available for purchase on the website on October 22nd, however torches are limited. For greater availability, contact your local distributor. To learn more about Bethlehem Burners torches and events, visit our facebook page.