Bethlehem Burners Products & Events in February 2020

February came and went in the blink of an eye. Before we fully move on from it, we had some exciting things that happened within the last week of this short month.

Torch Swivel Base ReleaseBethlehem Burners Swivel Base scroll wheel

You heard right, the Torch Swivel base is out now! The Torch Swivel Base’s new locking swivel option allows the flame worker to change the direction their torch faces, without having to unhook the base from their bench. This makes maneuvering your torch much safer and easier! The base is machined out of aluminum and anodized black. It also utilizes rubber feet that are screwed into place to ensure they never come off.

You can purchase the new Swivel base in various size options depending on your Bethlehem Burner torch, and can also purchase the base with a scroll mount adapter to utilize with torches that don’t include this feature.

Although the pricing of this new base varies depending on size, we wanted to release it at a discounted introductory price for those who want to get their hands on it right away. We’re thrilled to release this new base and can’t wait to see how it helps artists improve their productivity and workflow.

CHAMPS Trade Show – Las Vegas

CHAMPS Trade Show, the largest counter-culture trade show in the world, had its winter event in Las Vegas from February 25th – 28th. Bethlehem Burners was proud to be sponsoring the event by donating a Grand Sharp Flame to the winner of their Glass Games. Although we didn’t have a booth, we were able to walk around to check things out, and say hello to all of you!

This trade show was one of many events that Bethlehem Burners will be attending and/or sponsoring throughout 2020. Stay updated on where we will be by following us on Facebook and Twitter, and Instagram.