Lampworking Torch Buyer’s Guide: Buying the Torch of Your Dreams

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A lot of questions arise when it’s time to buy something new, including a lampworking torch. You’re left to fend for yourself as you Google the web for a buyer’s guide or open yourself up to debates on social media as people insert their opinions. All this can leave your head spinning and you still don’t know what to do.

This blog series was designed to help buyers feel more confident in their purchase by the end. With years of experience in the torch industry, we’d like to think our opinion weighs a little heavier than your “friend” on Facebook. We’ve been fortunate to serve flameworkers of all skill levels, from beginners to professional artists.

Follow our series guide for real-life questions that come up during the buyer’s journey and we’ll have Kate Hayes, our resident expert and Vice President, give her advice on the situation. We’ll cover our four tips for finding the best glassworking torch for your needs:

1. The Beginner’s Torch Trap

First-time torch buyers need the most coaching as they find a torch that fits their needs. We’ll address concerns about buying a cheaper torch versus a more top of the line torch for beginner skills. You might be surprised by our advice!

2. Buying a Used Torch

You might be tempted to save a few bucks by buying a refurbished or gently used torch, but read this before you might get burned.

3. A Torch Manufacturer You Can Trust

Buying your torch from a reputable source can save you time and money down the line when you run into maintenance issues.

4. Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!

First-time buyers can get swept away and want to get one of everything but we’ll let you know which accessories are needed and which ones you can save you to your want list.

Don’t worry torch buyers, help is on the way as we ease your mind with our answers to your top questions. Have a burning question for us in this series? Submit your question or concern below in the comments section and we’ll try and add it. Stay tuned as we release each section of the guide on our blog.

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