Accessories: A Lampworking Torch Buyer’s Guide Part 4

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!

Now that you’ve learned how to determine the right lampworking torch for your needs and the best place to buy, it’s time to talk accessories! While the thought of tricking out your lampworking torch might excite you, it’s important to remember in the beginning that less is more. In this part of the series, we’ll go over which accessories are essential and which ones you can reserve for a later date.

They Say: “Make sure to get a foot pedal, quick connects, torch mounted marver…etc.”

While all of these things come in handy and can make lampworking easier for the artist, they are not necessary for the beginner, and can even cause issues with your torch setup.

y connector hose set

Setting up a lampworking studio can be very costly, overwhelming, and dangerous if not done properly. It is important to only focus on the absolute necessities in the beginning so you don’t break the bank and have a safe workspace. Having too many items in your studio will make it very hard to pinpoint the source of a gas leak or any other dangerous torch related malfunction.

Bethlehem Burners says: Research everything. While it’s great to Google the answers to your questions, remember to make sure to stick to reputable sites for accurate information. Also, as a first-time torch user, don’t be shy about signing up for a class locally and learning the proper techniques and safety procedures. Lastly, keep it simple and get the bare essentials to start. Once you have a simple setup and run it for a month or two without issue, then you can add accessories to your studio.

Recommended essential accessories for first time lampworking torch buyers include:

  • Fire extinguisher
  • Exhaust system (250 cfm – 1000 cfm)
  • Fireproof table top
  • Gas source with pressure regulator
  • O2 source with pressure regulator
  • Flashback arrestors attached to regulators (Not needed on O2 concentrators)
  • 1/4″ T-grade twin welding hose with brass B-fitting connections
  • Hose and Y-connector set (For 2 stage Bethlehem Bench torch)
  • Spray bottle with soap and water for checking hose connections for leaks
  • C-clamp or bolts to secure torch to work bench (Torch MUST be secured to the workbench)
  • Didymium glasses (An absolute MUST when lampworking glass. Sunglasses are not enough protection)
  • Small programmable kiln, with automatic shut off
  • Container for storing raw glass
  • Glass tools (Tweezers and shaping tools)
  • Graphite pad (Pad or torch mounted marver)
  • Mandrels and bead release (Only for bead making)
  • Raw glass

Looking for specific accessories? Check out our online store for valves, hoses, and more.