A Manufacturer You Can Trust: A Lampworking Torch Buyer’s Guide Part 3

Congratulations, you’re another step closer to making an informed purchase on the torch of your dreams. At this point, it’s time to start looking at lampworking torch manufacturers since you’ve already narrowed down your style of torch and whether or not to buy new or used. Our goal in this part of the series is to help you find a reputable source who will offer you the best long-term relationship (we’re talking warranties and customer service), not necessarily the best deal.

They say: “Buy a torch from the same place you get your glass. That way you’ll get the best deal.”

We couldn’t agree more! While this is good advice, it’s important to remember you cannot rely on a glass tool supplier to provide torch-specific trouble-shooting info or torch repair services. That is why it is just as important to choose a reputable torch manufacturer as it is to get the best deal through a glass tool supplier.

Lampworking is a very small industry, which means only a handful of people are qualified to properly service torches, and even fewer technicians have access to specialized repair equipment. With so few torch technicians and so little equipment available, repairs can be time-consuming and very costly.

That is unless the torch manufacturer provides these services.sharp flame hand torch

Bethlehem Burners says: “Purchase a torch manufactured by a company with the best customer service reputation.”

If something happens to your torch, you need it fixed right away and at a reasonable price. That is why Bethlehem Burners is proud to back all of our new generation torches with a Lifetime Factory Warranty and provide the very best customer service in the industry! Whether you choose to buy a Bethlehem Burners torch through our website or through one of our official glass tool suppliers, you will receive the very best warranty, customer service and repair expertise the glass industry has to offer!

We know when you’re torch breaks it can impact your productivity. That’s why we are proud to say we can make most repairs in as little as two weeks. Learn more about our repair & warranty policy.