Bethlehem Burners Launches NEW Glassworking Resources Page

Bethlehem Burners is excited to announce the launch of their new Glassworking Resources Page.

The new resources page will allow Bethlehem Burners glassworking torch owners and enthusiasts to find answers to their questions on numerous topics, such as how to clean your torch properly, why our torches use low pressure, and how to properly operate our full line of torches and accessories.


Find all things Bethlehem Burners in the following categories:

Frequently Asked Questions: We know you have questions about your glassworking torch. We now have all the answers to your most frequently asked questions in one location. View our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn about our different torches, why you should use low pressure, warranties, repairs, and much more!

Operating Instructions: Get detailed technical characteristics of our torches and accessories such as the theory of operation and optimum fuel pressure, as well as torch cleaning procedures in our Operating Instructions resource page for the following products:

  • Alpha Torch
  • Bravo Torch
  • Champion Torch
  • E2Oxy Pro
  • Y Connectors


Technical Information: Not sure which Bethlehem Burners torch will best meet your needs? Find all the technical information you’re looking for, such as the face pattern, burner configuration, and gas/oxygen flow rates for our torches and compare all 4 models: the Alpha, Bravo, Champion, and Grand on our new Technical Information page.

Videos: View product overviews of our flameworking torches and fuming tips, as well as torch cleaning videos to learn more about Bethlehem Burners and how to take care of your torch.

To learn more about Bethlehem Burners products or events, visit the company’s official Facebook page at