Newly Designed Torch Bases Provide Artists with Safer, Upgraded Torch Mounting Capabilities

Torch baseBethlehem Burners, a division of Bethlehem Apparatus Company, Inc., and manufacturer of surface-mixed glassworking torches since 1950, has announced the introduction of a new torch base design. Now standard on all current Bethlehem Burners torch models, the redesigned base provides users with upgraded, safer mounting capabilities than previous base models.

“We asked lamp workers what they wanted in a base and learned that a flat steel base with gripped feet on the bottom was ideal,” said Kate Hayes, Vice President at Bethlehem Burners. “This new base design makes it easier to clamp the torches down to work surfaces, ideal for a lot of our artists who travel and can’t permanently secure their torches to one workstation.” The base is flat and square, providing a level surface to simplify and secure clamping.

Bethlehem Burners redesigned the base after discovering user difficulty and slippage in clamping the previous dome-like base structure to workstations. With the base’s new even-planed, square design, users can securely clamp or mount their torch to their workstation efficiently and accurately. In addition to a balanced mount, new rubber feet provide users with a sturdy, non-slip surface, giving the artist a safer and easier work experience.

“The new bases are sturdier, simpler to mount and because of the new rubber feet, don’t slip around on tabletops.” said Hayes. “It’s perfect for demonstrating artists who set up in different locations.”

The new bases are now standard on Bethlehem Burners models, the Alpha and Bravo, as well as the upcoming Champion torch, set for release in early 2013. New bases are also available separately for current Bethlehem Burners torch owners seeking an upgrade, and can be found on the company’s website.

New bases are available on Alpha and Bravo torches, or separate for purchase online. For more information please contact Rachel Lawrence at (610) 838-7034 or via email: .