Product Update: Bethlehem Burners to phase out specific knobs and hose barbs

discontinued valves on the Bravo torch

The discontinued valves on the Bravo torch

Bethlehem Burners is proud to provide efficient, effective, and easy to use surface-mix burners and accessories to our valued customers. We are always developing new products to provide glass workers with more options to create the art that they love, and are dedicated to continually improving our current lineup of popular torches to make them even more effective and efficient.

In order to make our products that much better, Bethlehem Burners takes the necessary steps to phase out products and accessories based on customer feedback or the development of superior alternatives. As a result, the following products will be phased out, effective immediately:


1. Large knobs on Bravo and Champion torches.

Based on observations and customer feedback, we’ve determined that the large knobs on the Bravo and Champion torches get in the way when flame workers mount marvers onto their torches. These knobs were originally implemented as an additional way for people to distinguish between the outer and centerfires of the torch.

This change will happen immediately for the Bravo torch and within a month or two for the Champion torch. We will be releasing newer, smaller valves for purchase that are simpler to use and make it easier to mount marvers to your torch. You can contact us for more information about these valves.


2. Valves will no longer come equipped with hose barbs.

Bethlehem Burner torches once came standard with machined barbs for hose attachments. Flame workers would slip the hose onto the barbs and then secure the hose onto the barb using a hose clamp.

Starting immediately, our torch valves will no longer come equipped with hose barbs. All Bethlehem valves will come with machined, 1/4″ B-fitting threads, which will provide the following benefits:

– B-fitting threads are the safest and most secure way to attach hose to a flame working torch.

– B-fitting threads provide easy hose removal. Perfect for those who travel with their torch.

– B-fitting threads provide hose attachment options through inexpensive hose barb attachments. Perfect for international flame workers or those using a smaller diameter hose.

To our international customers: since you may not have access to US standard 1/4″ B-fitting hose connections, hose barb adaptors will be provided to our international distributors. Anyone buying a Bethlehem Burners torch from one of our international distributors will receive a torch that has the hose barb adaptors included. If you want to order the torch through our website, you will have to purchase the hose barb adaptors separately.

Hose barb adapters can be purchased for $5.00 a pair on the Accessories page for flame workers who need them. There will be two different sizes of hose barbs that will be offered:

– Standard 1/4″ hose barbs
– 3/16″ hose barbs

A flame worker will need to buy the following for each type of torch:

– 1 hose barb set for the Alpha/Sharp Flame torch

– 2 hose barb sets for the Stacks/Bravo/Champion torch

– 3 hose barb sets for the Grand torch

We value our customers and wanted to make you aware of these changes right away. If you have any questions, please contact us.