Discover Bethlehem Burners at the 2018 Glass Craft and Bead Expo

Bethlehem Burners is excited to attend the 2018 Glass Craft and Bead Expo from April 4th to April 8th at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Look for us at both the Classroom and Expo portions of the event. 2018 Glass Craft and Bead Expo Logo

We are proud to sponsor and provide torches to 4 different classrooms throughout the Glass Craft and Bead Expo. Bethlehem Burner’s powerhouse Alpha and Bravo Glass Working Torches will be used during our sponsored Hot Glass classes. Now’s your chance to get hands-on experience working with Bethlehem Burners torches, which allow you to be precise and produce high-quality work, and learn some new glass working skills along the way.

After the classes end, you’ll have the opportunity to buy the used Bravo Torches at a 10% discount.The torches for sale will have only been used for the classes. They come with our lifetime factory warranty, hose and Y connector set, instructions, and cleaning kit. Make to sure to register for one of our sponsored sessions to get the first chance to purchase these torches before other Expo attendees!

If you want to look over our full range of torches, we will also have our entire line on display at our booth (booth 920), including our brand new Sharp Flame Hand Torch, the STACKSAlpha bead burner, Bravo glass working torchChampion bench burner, and the Grand. This year, we will also have Bethlehem Burners sweatshirts and t-shirts for purchase.

Also, make sure to stop by the following Bethlehem Burners distributors that will also be in attendance Glass Craft and Bead Expo:

1. D & L – Booths 711 & 715

2. ABR – Booths A1, A2, & A3

3. Wale Apparatus – Booth 502

The Glass Craft and Bead Expo is America’s favorite and largest glass and bead expo and attracts the finest glass working artists and educators from around the world! We can’t wait to see everyone there. To get in touch with us before the expo or to learn more about Bethlehem Burners products or events, visit our official Facebook page at