T Connector and Hose Set

The T Connector and Hose Set consists of 2 18” long, 1/4” T-grade, oxygen welding hoses and 2 18” long, 1/4” T-grade, gas welding hoses and 1 brass oxygen T connector and 1 brass gas T connector. Each hose has female brass B-fittings crimped onto each end and each hose comes with 1 male B-fitting union.

The burner hoses will allow the flame worker to attach the T connectors to the B-fitting valves of the Stacks, Bravo or Champion torches. The T connectors convert the torch from a 4-inlet manifold, into a 2-inlet manifold for those who do not want to use a foot peddle with their torch.

T-connectors are used to split a single hose into two hoses at a 90-degree angle. T-connectors are usually used to connect multiple torches to a single fuel source but the 90-degree angle design can be useful when converting a 4-inlet torch into a 2-inlet torch, if the flame worker wishes to slow the outer fire’s flow rate. Larger two stage torches, like the Champion Torch, have very large outer fire O2 chambers, which when opened, can pull O2 away from the center fire. By using a T-connector to slow the flow rate to the outer fire, the center fire will not experience a drop in pressure, when the outer fire O2 valve is opened.   


Purchase includes Torch Cleaning Kit
Prices subject to change without notice
Hose set and connector set sold separately