6 Torch Hose Set

This 6 torch hose set works with the Grand torch. The set of 6 torch hoses consists of 3 18” long, 1/4” T-grade, oxygen welding hoses and 3 18” long, 1/4” T-grade, gas welding hoses. Each hose has female brass B-fittings crimped onto each end and each hose comes with one male B-fitting union.

These burner hoses will allow the flame worker to attach a Showerhead connector to the B-fitting valves of the Grand torch. The Showerhead connectors convert the torch from a 6-inlet manifold, into a 2-inlet manifold for those who do not want to use a foot peddle with their Grand torch.


Purchase includes Torch Cleaning Kit
Prices subject to change without notice
Hose set and connector set sold separately