Y-Connector Operating Instructions

Operating Instructions

  1. Do NOT use Teflon tape or sealant on hose fittings. These fitting use straight threads and seal by compressing the mating tapered seats. Teflon tape on the threads can interfere with a tight seal between the two halves of the fittings.
  2. Fuel gas fittings are identified with a groove in the wrench flats. These fittings have LEFT HAND THREADS; they are tightened opposite “normal” right hand threads and cannot be interchanged.
  3. Tighten all fittings using two wrenches.
  4. Fuel gas hose is RED, oxygen hose is GREEN.
  5. To adapt the burner to single source oxygen and fuel hoses:
    1. Connect the fuel gas hose nuts [1] (red hose) to the fuel gas “Y” connector [2]
    2. Connect the fuel gas hose coupler [3] to the fuel gas “Y” connector [2]
    3. Connect the fuel gas supply hose [4] to the fuel gas hose coupler [3]
    4. Connect the oxygen hose nut [5] (green hose) to the oxygen “Y” connector [6]
    5. Connect the oxygen hose coupler [7] to the oxygen “Y” connector [6]
    6. Connect the oxygen supply hose [8] to the oxygen hose coupler [7]
  6. Before using the burner, check all connections for leaks.