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Accessories: A Lampworking Torch Buyer’s Guide Part 4

You’ve finally decided on the torch of your dreams and you’re ready for the fun stuff...accessories! In this blog, you’ll discover which items are essential to setting up your lampworking studio ... Read More

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A Manufacturer You Can Trust: A Lampworking Torch Buyer’s Guide Part 3

If you can’t trust who you’re buying a torch from, you probably shouldn’t be buying it. Read the latest installment of the Lampworking Torch Buyer’s Guide to understand the best places to buy ... Read More

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Buying a Used Torch: A Lampworking Torch Buyer’s Guide Part 2

In this section of our Torch Buyer’s Guide, you’ll learn if buying a used torch is going to save you cold hard cash or set you back in the long run. Read More

The Beginner’s Torch Trap: A Lampworking Torch Buyer’s Guide Part 1

Part one of our Lampworking Torch Buyer’s Guide begins with The Beginners Torch Trap. You'll learn which needs you should address when buying your first torch and explore different lampworking techn ... Read More

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Bethlehem Burners to Attend the 10th Annual Glassroots Functional Glass Art Show

Bethlehem Burners is will be attending the 10th annual Glassroots Functional Glass Art Show, 9-11 to 9-13, in Madison WI. Read More

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Lampworking Torch Buyer’s Guide: Buying the Torch of Your Dreams

This is our ultimate guide to buying a lampworking torch, we’ll cover everything from buying new, used and the necessary accessories you need to get started. Read More


Bethlehem Burners Sponsors Hot Shotz Contest Vol. 2 at Musikfest

Bethlehem Burners is proud to announce their sponsorship of the Hot Shotz Contest Volume 2 at the 2018 Musikfest in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Read more to learn about the contest, including the prizes ... Read More

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Starting May 15th, Bethlehem Burners is Adjusting Their Torch Prices

Due to a new production schedule, Bethlehem Burners is adjusting prices. See the full breakdown of the glass working torch price changes in this post. Read More

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Discover Bethlehem Burners at the 2018 Glass Craft and Bead Expo

Bethlehem Burners will attend the 2018 Glass Craft and Bead Expo to showcase their entire line of glassworking torches and sponsor 4 different glass working classes with Alpha and Bravo torches. Read More

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Bethlehem Burners donates Grand Torch to winner of Glass Games at the 2018 CHAMPS Trade Show

Bethlehem Burners has generously donated a Grand Torch for the winner of the Glass Games, Master’s at CHAMPS Trade Show from February 19th-21st, 2018. Read More