Glass Craft & Bead Expo – ISGB Gathering Classroom Sponsorships 2019


Bethlehem Burners is thrilled to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the 25-year anniversary of the Glass Craft & Bead Expo, as well as the annual ISGB Gathering Gathering, being held from April 3rd-7th. We will be bringing our most popular two-stage torch, The Bravo, to share with attendees and students from all across the world.

Glass Craft & Bead Expo 2019

Try a Lampworking Class with The BravoGlass Craft & Bead Expo 2019 Logo

Whether you’re looking to improve your work or want to try out a new product, test your skills with a Bethlehem Burners’ Bravo torch by signing up for one of our several classes taught by professional glassworkers:

  • Deb Crowley
    • Crossover Flame work for Fusing Lifelike Glass (Beginner)
    • Aquatic Immersion, Just Dive In! Boro and Soft Glass (Intermediate)
    • Beginning Boro Tubing-Blown Seashells and Fish (Beginner/Intermediate)
  • Dolly Palmer
    • Fabulous 3-D Floral Beads (Intermediate)
    • Hot Glass Watercolor Floral Beads (Beginner/Intermediate)
    • Hot Glass Cabs & Buttons (Beginner/Intermediate)
    • Butterfly Murrini Tapestry Bead (Intermediate)
  • Suellen Fowler
    • Off-Hand Flamework: Glassblowing & Sculpting (Beginner/Intermediate)
    • Blown Stoppered Perfume Bottle (Beginner/Intermediate)
    • Flamework Glass: Dragon’s Eggs and Toy Spinning Tops (Beginner/Intermediate)

We’ll also have official Bethlehem Burners torch technicians on hand to help answer any questions about the Bravo along the way! Spots are still available within each class, so make sure you sign up now as space is limited.


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The 2019 ISGB Gathering

We’re excited to also sponsor two classrooms during the 2019 ISGB Gathering, held in conjunction with Glass Craft & Bead Expo 2019.

Join us at Open Torch Night

We’re bringing our complete collection of Bethlehem Burner torches to the ISGB Gathering, including our new Champion Sharp Flame torch! Take a test drive during Open Torch Night to see which torch works best for your style.

Watch a Pro in Action

We’re excited to have glass artist David Kaminski there with us to show off his hand-mixed color technique. Kaminski will be available for questions during and after the 20 to 40-minute process, so feel free to pick his brain while you’re there!

Examples of the Bethlehem Millie

Sign up before it’s too late!

Space is limited for these classes, so make sure to sign up as soon as possible! For any questions regarding the event, or about Bethlehem Burners, feel free to contact us here. We hope to see you there!