Bethlehem Burners Torch Repair and Survival Guide

Bethlehem Burners always strives to produce the safest and highest quality burners out there. We make sure each of our torch models are not only safe and fuel efficient but also sturdy and reliable. But even the safest and strongest torch can malfunction after years of use or if a flame technique is used on a torch model that was not designed for that particular application. Sometimes the torch malfunction isn’t even the torch or the flame workers fault! Sometimes a torch will malfunction because other equipment in the glass studio is malfunctioning or being used incorrectly. If you notice your Bethlehem Burner torch is not performing correctly or malfunctioning, we recommend running through this “trouble shooting” checklist, before sending your torch in for repair. The Grand Torch Left

1. Immediately extinguish the flame

First things first, if you hear a Premix BANG!, extinguish the flame immediatelyBe sure to close all the valves on the torch and fuel tanks. A Bethlehem Burner torch will only make a loud, gunshot-like BANG, if fuels are inappropriately mixing inside the torch barrel and igniting. This could be very dangerous for both the flame worker and the torch. Call Bethlehem Burners at (610) 838-7034 or email us at See #7. For your safety, please do not use your torch until you have spoken with a Bethlehem Burners representative.

2. If your torch scroll base is loose, tighten the setscrew

Use a 3/32″ Allen wrench to loosen (not remove) the set screw located on the left scroll handle. Squeeze the right and left handles toward one another, and tighten the setscrew in place. If the scroll base is still loose, contact Bethlehem Burners. See #7.

3. If your valves are leaking or their tension is too loose or too tight, adjust the compression cap

Use a ½” inch wrench to gently tighten or loosen the hexagon shaped compression cap, located directly underneath the valve cap. If adjusting the compression cap does not fix the leaking or improve the valves tension, contact Bethlehem Burners. See #7.

4. If your torch face is glowing red, shut off your torch

Let your torch cool down completely. Relight your torch and make sure when running your outer fire, your flame has enough O2. A torch face will glow red when too much heat is kept at the face of the torch. This happens when an insufficient amount of O2 is flowing when the outer fire is lit. If you cannot get your torch face to stop glowing red, even when flowing additional O2, shut off your torch and proceed with steps #5, #6, and #7.

5. If your flame is malfunctioning but not premixing, check your studio

Extinguish the flame by closing all the valves on the torch while leaving the valves open at your fuel sources. i.e. O2/Gas tanks or O2 concentrator or natural gas hookup. Once you’ve closed the valves on the torch but kept the rest of the studio running as usual, it’s time to check all the equipment in your studio, that could negatively affecting your torches flame performance.

Check your regulator settings. Are the pressure settings correct and stable? How full are your tanks? Are your regulators making any noise?

Is your O2 concentrator functioning properly? Have you checked the O2 filter recently? Does the concentrator require servicing? How long have you had the concentrator and do you have access to an instruction manual?

Check the atmosphere in your studio. Did the temperature suddenly drop or increase drastically? Has the humidity increased? Is there a lot of dust and debris in the air? Is your exhaust system functioning properly?

If more then one flame worker is working in your studio at the time your torch started to malfunction, did anyone else experience a torch disturbance? Are all the flame workers running off the same fuel system? What torch models are being used in the studio?

6. If you flame is malfunctioning but everything in your studio is working properly, check your torch

Relight your torch. Sometimes the issue corrects itself over time or if the torch is given a rest. Much like turning an electronic device off and on when it isn’t working correctly. If the torch continues to malfunction, shut off the torch and perform a general torch cleaning using the provided cleaning kit. If you no longer have the cleaning kit, please contact Bethlehem Burners for advice or purchase one from our accessories page. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CLEAN YOUR TORCH WITH ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE PROVIDED CLEANING KIT without talking to a Bethlehem Burners representative first.

Next, remove any quick connects and foot pedal, then test the torch again. If the torch is still malfunctioning, remove the torch from your studio and hook it up at another flame working studio. This is to make sure the issue is with the torch and not with any of the flame working equipment at your studio.

7. After you have thoroughly checked your studio and torch, contact Bethlehem Burners

Please call (610) 838-7034 or email us at If you want Bethlehem Burners to test your torch, please visit our Service and Warranty page and fill out our online Burner Repair form and follow the instructions on how to mail your torch to us.

Please document as much as possible. Take pictures and video of your torch while it malfunctions. Take pictures of your tanks, hoses, regulators, and connections, anything that can affect the performance of your torch. Note the time of day and how long the torch was running when your torch starts to malfunction. Be aware of any special flame working skill you are doing whenever the torch starts to act up. Be sure to let us know if anything has changed with your studio prior to the torch malfunctioning. The more we know about your torch, your studio and your flame working style, the easier it is for us to diagnose and correct the issue.

Don’t put off repairing your torch because you’re afraid of a long service time that will put you out of commission…the majority of repairs only take 2 weeks, putting you back in action in no time!

The best way to keep your torch running in optimal condition is with a general cleaning. Our general cleaning service includes a free diagnostic test, thorough cleaning, and a safety inspection test. We take care of it all, keeping both you and your machine safe!