Bethlehem Burners Introduces New Modular B-Fitting Valves

new modular valve b-fittings

New modular needle valves on the Alpha, Bravo and Champion torches allow users to easily attach 1/4-inch T-grade hoses directly to the torches.

Bethlehem Burners, a glassworking torch and accessory manufacturer, recently introduced new modular B-fitting valves for all torch models. Effective immediately, Bethlehem Burners will include the new precision modular needle valves on all new torches, eliminating the previous design with crimped hose connections.

“We are always looking for ways to bring professional glassworkers more accurate and efficient torches,” said Kate Hayes, technical support specialist at Bethlehem Burners. “The new valves improve hose connections and overall safety, enhancing the glassworking experience.”

The B-fitting valves replace the hose barb traditionally featured on Bethlehem Burners models. Modular needle valves on the new torches allow users to easily and securely attach 1/4-inch T-grade hoses directly to the torch, eliminating the traditional crimped hoses and reducing the risk of gas leaks.

To learn more about Bethlehem Burner’s torches featuring the new valves, please visit the company’s torch page. To learn more about Bethlehem Burners products or events, visit the Bethlehem Burners’ official Facebook page.

About Bethlehem Burners
Bethlehem Burners, a division of Bethlehem Apparatus Company, Inc., is a manufacturer of surface-mixed glassworking torches and lampworking accessories since 1950. Reengineered for better performance and higher safety, Bethlehem Burners low-pressure torches are constructed entirely of stainless steel and feature the brand’s signature wrap-around flame.