New low-pressure lampworking torch provides unmatched control of flame

Bravo low-pressure lampworking torch

Bethlehem Burners, a division of Bethlehem Apparatus Company, Inc., and manufacturers of surface-mixed glassworking torches since 1950, has introduced the new Bethlehem Bravo Lampworking Torch. The Bravo torch was designed specifically with the needs of the artistic flameworker in mind. It affords unmatched control over the flame while meeting the market’s demand for a low-pressure torch that helps reduce fuel consumption costs.

The Bravo is Bethlehem’s redesign of the popular Barracuda burner. Like the Barracuda, the Bravo is a dual-flame torch. The Bravo comes standard with four independent valves that help control both the center and outer fires, giving the artist extensive flame control without having to incur extra costs for a quad-manifold. “Having four independent valves helps the lampworker easily adjust a wide range of flame settings,” said Rachel Lawrence, Vice President at Bethlehem Burners. “Artists and glass workers alike using the Bravo have, in one torch, access to a large, soft bushy flame from the outer fire—perfect for melting borosilicate glass—down to a small needlepoint flame from the center fire- perfect for detailed work and everything in between.”

The goal in designing the Bravo was to create a low-pressure torch that is less demanding on oxygen and fuel. After extensive research and development, Bethlehem’s engineers constructed a new internal design that provides glass artists with a torch that runs off of a low-pressure fuel source. Artists can use oxygen concentrators at 7 psi and ¼ psi of natural gas or use tanked oxygen and propane. Whatever the fuel source, the Bravo will provide the artist with a better, stronger flame at lower pressures.

In addition, the Bravo’s unique stainless steel body is a plus for the lampworking artist. Because stainless steel does not conduct heat very well, it allows the torch’s body to stay cool to the touch after hours of use. Like all Bethlehem Burners, the Bravo produces a penetrating flame that bathes glass as if it’s in an oven.

For more information please contact Rachel Lawrence at (610) 838-7034 or via email:

The Bravo is available for purchase online through the Bethlehem Burners website ( or from a local distributor. A list of Bethlehem Burners distributors is available on the web site.