Bethlehem Burners to sponsor 2013 International Flameworking Conference in Salem

Bethlehem Burners, will be sponsoring and attending the 2013 International Flameworking Conference, March 22 through 24, at Salem County Vocational-Technical School in New Jersey.

Bethlehem Burners will have their Alpha Glass Bead Burner, Bravo Lampworking Torch, and new Champion Bench Burner on display at the conference. Representatives from Bethlehem Burners will be present to answer questions about the company’s torches.

The International Flameworking Conference is an annual conference featuring demonstrations and speeches by globally renowned glass artists. Students and glass artists attend the conference annually to share knowledge, experience, and passion for glass art and flameworking techniques. For more information on the 2013 International Flameworking Conference, visit the official website at

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