Champion Sharp Flame Makes Debut at Glass Vegas 2019

Two of our lampworking torches collide to create the Champion Sharp Flame


It’s sturdy and powerful like a Champion torch but has the precision of a Sharp Flame centerfire design. The Champion Sharp Flame is a two-stage, stainless steel, surface-mix torch that can produce 800 BTUs per minute. The versatile flame can be pulled down into a tight pinpoint, or sharpened into a long, driving needle.

Benefits of the Champion Sharp Flame

  • Precise heat application for fine detailed work
  • Driving heat penetration
  • Forming seals in hard to reach areas
  • High-quality craftsmanship


See it in action at Glass Vegas!

This is Bethlehem Burners 3rd consecutive appearance at Glass Vegas. Stop by booth B316 (near the World Series of Glass) to check out our full lineup of torches on display and get your questions answered in-person by our staff. We’ll also have glass artist, David Kaminski, in the booth ready to talk about his personal experience with our torches.




Lacey “LaceFace” Walton, a competitive glass artist who has been in the industry since 2004, will demo the Champion Sharp Flame on February 13th at 2:30-4:30 pm. Martin Jones (a.k.a. Dok Glass), the winner of the 5th Annual European Functional Flame-Off, will also be at the show to demo a Champion Sharp Flame and the Sharp Flame Torch on February 13th at 12-2 pm.

Unable to attend the event? View product photos and torch specs of the Champion Sharp Flame to calm your fear of missing out (FOMO).