Bethlehem Burners Announces New Champion Glassworking Torch

Champion Glassworking TorchA Redesign of the 60 year-old Famed PM2D Torch

Bethlehem Burners is pleased to announce the release of the Champion glassworking torch. The new Champion is Bethlehem Burners’ most technologically advanced torch to date, offering a robust flame ideal for working large diameter glass rods and tubing, and a new ball-bearing scroll for smooth adjustments and easy locking. The new burner provides customers with a new alternative to the brand’s retired and fan-favored PM2D model.

“After months of research and design, we are thrilled to be releasing the Champion to the glass art community,” said Rachel Lawrence, Vice president at Bethlehem Burners. “Our customers have been asking us for a larger torch that is in comparison to our famed, yet discontinued PM2D torch. We are proud to offer a high quality burner that meets the wants and needs of our market while satisfying the standards we have set for our product line.”

The new glassworking bench burner is structurally larger than other Bethlehem Burners models, with an 8” flat base for easy mounting, a weight of 8 ¾ pounds, and a taller height than its Alpha and Bravo counterparts. The Champion base features a new ball-bearing scroll mechanism that automatically locks the torch at the desired angle with rubber grips for easy, safe torch adjustment, an ideal addition for standing artists. As with all Bethlehem Burner models, the torch is constructed from stainless steel and remains cool to the user’s touch regardless of flame size.

Champion Glassworking TorchWith a face diameter of 1 1/8”, the Champion has a burner configuration of six center fire ports and 30 outer fire ports and is capable of working glass rods up to 44 mm and glass tubes 80 mm and larger. Due to the port configuration, the Champion torch is capable of emitting a wide range of flame widths, ranging from a pinpoint flame to a large bushy flame. At full flame consumption, the torch consumes 24 cubic feet of gas per hour at 5 psi, and 88 cubic feet of oxygen per hour at 20 psi.

The Champion torch is currently available for purchase for $1,600.00 to distributors and consumers on the company’s website and via phone orders. To learn more about Bethlehem Burners Champion torch, visit or for other products or events, visit the company’s official Facebook page at

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