Bethlehem Burners Introduces The STACKS Bench Burner

Bethlehem Burners is excited to announce the release of the STACKS bench burner for summer 2017, the first mid range/mid price bench burner. Taking two years to design and develop, the STACKS was created to ultimately bridge the gap between our Alpha and Bravo burners.It is perfect for both beginners and experienced flame workers.

Versatility is the best word to describe all that the STACKS has to offer, providing glass artists with a number of fuel mixtures, flame sizes, and flame temperatures. Made from stainless steel and Bethlehem Burners’ stainless steel modular needle valves and includes its own oxygen hose and B-fitting gas connections. The top mount (STACKS 1) is similar to the Alpha torch but produces a much sharper flame. The bottom mount (STACKS 2) is similar to the Bravo torch and produces the same flame width and BTU output but does not have a center flame like Bravo. Both mounts are fueled with a low-pressure system and that makes them the perfect torches for oxygen concentrators.

STACKS Bench Burner for Bethlehem Burners

STACKS burner is priced at $575.00 and includes:

-Top mount “sharp flame” surface mix burner

-Bottom mount “Bravo” sized surface mix burner

-Adjustable STACKS base

-Torch cleaning kit

-Bethlehem Burners lifetime warranty

There is also an option to purchase the Top Mount and Bottom Mount separately, giving artists the option to purchase in stages instead of all at once. There are many benefits in buying the STACKS in stages including:

-Part Replacement – The STACKS allows new flame-workers to learn proper techniques without worrying about destroying an expensive torch. With the option to buy the top and bottom mounts, if one breaks they can replace these burners quickly with a new part.

-Money Saver – Flameworking is expensive and the STACKS allows you to save money up front. You can spend more money on supplies first, and when ready, you can purchase the rest of the STACKS and start working on larger projects.

-Individual Needs of A Flameworker – Lampworkers are always looking for ways to customize their flame-working bench in order to meet their specific glass needs. The STACKS provides them with high-quality equipment, without the high price tag.

The STACKS will be available for purchase at a distributor near you starting July 28th.We are confident that the STACKS will be the “must have” glass-working torch of 2017.

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