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    AVAILABLE NOW! Our newest low-pressure torch to hit the market, the Champion Glass Working Torch. The Champion is our most technologically advanced, versatile burner to date, and is a new, improved stainless steel alternative to our fan-favored PM2D. Newly engineered for a low-pressure, high heat performance, the Champion has the most efficient large flame on the market today. Please contact Bethlehem Burners with preorder and release date inquiries.

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    NOW AVAILABLE! Our new low-pressure, stainless steel Bravo lampworking torch was designed specifically with the needs of the artistic flameworker in mind. A dual-purpose torch, it will work easily with both soft and borosilicate glass. Bethlehem's Bravo is one of the hottest new torches on the market today!

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    NOW AVAILABLE! The new low-pressure, stainless steel, Alpha Glass Working Torch. The Alpha is an excellent entry level burner, and perfect for glass bead artists. The Alpha delivers more flow at a low gas pressure producing the ideal glass working flame. Affordable and convenient, the Alpha is the only torch on the market today designed with your needs in mind.