• $210


    Glass Working Torch
  • $310

    The Sharp Flame

    Hand Torch
  • $613


    Glass Working Torch
  • $1,005


    Glass Working Torch
  • $1,650


    Glass Working Torch
  • $2,885

    The Grand

    Glass Working Torch
  • $137

    T Connector and Hose Set

  • $45

    Glassworking Hoodie


Starting May 15th, Bethlehem Burners is Adjusting Their Torch Prices

Due to a new production schedule, Bethlehem Burners is adjusting prices. See the full breakdown of the glass working torch price changes in this post.

Discover Bethlehem Burners at the 2018 Glass Craft and Bead Expo

Bethlehem Burners will attend the 2018 Glass Craft and Bead Expo to showcase their entire line of glassworking torches and sponsor 4 different glass working classes with Alpha and Bravo torches.

Bethlehem Burners donates Grand Torch to winner of Glass Games at the 2018 CHAMPS Trade Show

Bethlehem Burners has generously donated a Grand Torch for the winner of the Glass Games, Master’s at CHAMPS Trade Show from February 19th-21st, 2018.