• $187


    Glass Working Torch
  • $975


    Glass Working Torch
  • $1,600


    Glass Working Torch


    Bases, Cleaning Kits, etc.

Bethlehem Burners to attend ISGB 2014 Gathering XXII – Illumination

Bethlehem Burners, a manufacturer of surface-mixed glassworking torches and accessories, will be attending the 2014 International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB) 2014 Gathering, July 16-20, 2014 in ...

New, Economical Lampworking Oxygen Concentrators Save Thousands Per Year on Fuel Costs

Bethlehem Burners has announced today the addition of Regalia 10 LPM glass working oxygen concentrators to their product line. The manufacturer has added the lampworking accessory to provide glasswork ...

Bethlehem Burners Introduces PayPal Payment Option to Online Store

Bethlehem Burners has recently introduced the PayPal™ payment gateway to their online store. The integration of PayPal™ allows Bethlehem Burners to accept payment from customers via credit card, a ...